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Mayasabha was built by Maya for Pandavas in Khandav forest, which then became Indraprastha.Maya Sabha was very mysterious beautiful palace. It had all kinds of surprises, and novelty to put into bewilderment visitors. It created illusions through architectural marvel.

Pandavas after completing Rajasooya yagnya were all seated on a throne in the darbar at Indraprastha. Yudhisthira was seated along with Krishna and his wives. And all others were seated and enjoying the moment which was no less than Narayana Sabha with Brahma and others.

Duryodhana also wanted to join, so outside the hall he was looking for a door to enter. Door as such was present and was studded with Indraneel Mani which emanated a brilliant light which had covered the door rendering it to be invisible due to thick light of Indraneel Mani. Just by the side of it was a wall of sphatik which was made to be see through. Thus all the proceedings in the hall were visible, and due to translucence it appeared as a door.Duryodhana tried to enter through it and smashed his face into the wall. Yudhisthira sent Sahadeva to personally escort him to Sabha. Where he was seated for a few minutes but unable to bear the grandeur of Pandavas, bitten by jealousy made his way out.

On his way he found a beautifully carved pond emanating jalaneel mani light and in the centre was a  lotus made of celestial ruby ,thus whole craft resembled a pond , Duryodhan lifted his clothes to avoid getting wet while stepping on to it ,but could not find any water there . Just as he stepped further there was actually a pond which had rubies Manis fitted at the bottom and covering entire water to give a reddish hue of floor and paints of flowers and designs from other emeralds and sapphire. This Duryodhana stepped and slipped into the pool.

Everyone wants to design their houses and commercial places like Mayasabha palace however We Mayasabha decided to create innovative designs for all their living places as much as equal to their thoughts for their happy living days from the past 2.5 decades we established the physical stores in different places at Andhra Pradesh & Telangana by the demand of our customers Mayasabha stores is a place of all the traditional & imported items to be gather at one place which customers can easily select their items without any confusion.

Mayasabha is one of the leading manufacturing factory for all the interior items and we import the different kind of products in different places in the world which seems to be first look


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We, Mayasabha. In, have done all the legwork for you. Now let your fingers do the rest by picking the best one for your home from our site. We are India’s largest online home store, featuring an interesting range of tastefully-picked Home decor Items. What sets us apart from others is our grand assortment of 2,000 products that define trends in home design, our affordable prices and excellent customer service.

We also have showrooms to give you the convenience of buying from a physical store. We ensure speedy timely deliveries from our warehouses located across the country especially in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana located at Kakinada, Vizag, Hyderabad, and Guntur.

Let us help you to create Your Unique home as Mayasabha Palace………


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